Survivor Support

We provide faith-based individual and group support to survivors of sexual trauma, while empowering survivors with avenues to use their stories to bring restoration to others.

Individual Survivor Consultations

Every survivor is different and has needs specific to them. We believe the care survivors receive on their journey of healing should be as unique as they are. We provide casual, one-on-one meetings in our office or over coffee to meet with survivors, listen to their stories, and establish a plan of care suitable to their needs. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Survivor Events

Survivor centered events are held so survivors know that they are not alone. Survivors are able to enjoy a night of fun among people who “get it”. It is an easy way for survivors to get to know us at TriHOPe and make connections in the community with other survivors, and most of all to have fun and be pampered.

“I had a great time. And met some great people.”

“Glad there was this opportunity…”

“Thank you for a great night!!!”

“It was awesome! So glad I got to come…”

Visit our Events page to register for our upcoming Survivors’ Night.

Welcome to Survivors' Night!

Survivor Artwork for Sale

Bracelets Made by Survivors'

A Little Pampering

Ready and Waiting

Staff Busy Working in the Kitchen

In the Wildflowers Support Group

In the Wildflowers is a DVD counseling series provided by Restoring the Heart Ministries and the AACC for survivors of sexual abuse. It is a 10-part series which features a Christian counselor who takes the participants through different stages of the road to healing, guest speakers and women’s personal journeys of healing. The speakers go through topics such as sharing stories, releasing the shame and healing through God’s love and ministering to others.

TriHOPe team members facilitate this support group in two different settings. One is running the support group once a week for a total of twelve weeks. The other is a retreat style support group.

Contact us for dates on our next In the Wildflowers support group and to receive a participant application packet. The next scheduled Wildflowers Retreat is February 15-18, 2018. Click here to download the retreat flyer. 

“It was comforting knowing that I was talking amongst others who feel the same way I felt. No one told me I was wrong for feeling what I felt. They let me talk and they let me cry… and they cried with me.”

2015 Wildflowers Participant

Restored Gems

Restored Gems is a partner of TriHOPe ministering to those working in the adult entertainment industry. Volunteers of Restored Gems go into these dark places to share the light and love of Jesus through the giving of gifts and building of relationships.

“You guys coming in are the highlight of our night!”

“The Bible you brought in was my very first ever!”

“I never knew church girls could be so loving.”

The Restored Gems prayer team meets weekly believing for heaven to invade earth and for lives to be transformed. Volunteers are needed to prepare food and gifts, provide security for those ministering in the trenches, and more. If you are interested in joining the volunteer team, please contact us.

Open Table

“Open Table’s faith-based model draws together the community and relationship life of congregations around the country. It provides technical support, training, structure, process.

Open Table trains congregations and their members, through the Open Table Model, to form communities – called Tables – that transform their vocational and life experiences into tools our Brothers and Sisters in poverty can use to develop and implement plans that create change.” –

TriHOPe, in partnership with New Life Christian Fellowship, is excited to work with Open Table in launching the first human trafficking Table in Michigan! This Table is a bit of a hybrid, made up of members of Hopevale Church, New Life Christian Fellowship, and Victorious Believers.

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