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Quarter 2 has flown by and while the organized events have been lighter than in Quarter 1, things have still been ramping up for the team. Read on to see what we’ve been up to…


We held our second annual In the Wildflowers support group, retreat-style. We had a few repeat-attendees and some new faces as well, but all around it was a powerful time of healing for everyone, including our facilitators. In addition to the regular sessions, the survivors engaged in times of prayer, therapeutic activities, and enjoying times of just laughing together. Our team was privileged to watch these amazing survivors bond with and encourage each other, and find healing themselves, in so many ways.If you or someone you know would be interested in attending the next support group, or if you’d like us to present at your church–give us a shout! We’d love the opportunity to discuss our support groups with you more.You may also remember from Quarter 1 that we’ve been partnering with Open Table and New Life Christian Fellowship to launch the first “table” in Michigan to surround a survivor of sex trafficking. April was full of training for this opportunity and the table will hopefully be launching late summer.Also in April, Beth and her husband, Tyler, accepted an appointment to join an overseas agency to carry on the work of bringing hope, freedom, and healing to survivors of sexual exploitation in Southeast Asia. They will be leaving in June of 2017 to begin training. What an opportunity!


These two months blur together a bit for us. We’ve been spending a frustrating amount of time preparing our application to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We brought together a board, wrote bylaws, articles, and narratives, got coaching, revised bylaws, articles, and narratives, wrote some more, edited and revised some more, and got special ergonomic mice to keep our wrists happy for all that writing and revising.

 Finally at the end of June, we submitted our articles and are waiting to hear back! Once those are filed, we can go on to submit our 501(c)(3) application.

Aside from the hum-drum of working on that, we’ve been busy preparing presentations, meetings, and events for June, July and August, building more community partnerships, and working with survivors on individual bases to reach individual goals.The last big news of June is that Kelsey was able to increase her availability to work at Trihope from 12 hours per week to 24+ hours. Did you know that we only started working one day a week in March of 2015? That means we’ve tripled our availability and activity in just over a year!


On July 12th we will be hosting the first quarterly gathering of a Christian Anti-Sex Crimes Committee. We are forming the committee with the purpose “to mobilize individuals and organizations in the Christian community to curb the existence of sex trafficking through combating supply and demand factors.”

Not long after that, on August 1st, we are hosting a Survivors of Sexual Abuse/Assault Fun Night. We know it sounds kind of odd, but we are inviting survivors to come, have fun, get to know other survivors and offer encouragement to one another. We’ve found that one of the most powerful tools in overcoming past brokenness is learning that you are not alone. While not all survivors are ready to embark further on the healing process, we hope this event will provide them the opportunity and comfort of knowing they are not alone in all they’ve suffered.

We are also in process of launching a new video campaign to enable survivors to use their own stories to bring hope to other survivors who have yet to find a voice. The first of these videos should be ready to go this fall.If you or someone you know is interested in participating in any of these activities/events–let us know!


Did you know Trihope is 100% run by volunteers? While we believe the calling is worthy, we also know that it is simply not sustainable to operate and grow without being able to expand our staff, including filling the 24 hours per week that Beth currently “donates”, once she leaves. Would you consider becoming a monthly sponsor for Trihope? We suggest amounts of $25, $50, $100, or $200 per month, but appreciate gifts in any amount to allow us to continue bringing hope, healing, and freedom to broken souls. If you would like to join our financial support team and invest in the work of Trihope, you can donate at trihopemichigan.com/donate.

We can’t conclude an update without testifying to the faithfulness of the Lord in all we’ve been doing too. While He has entrusted us with the development of this ministry and there is great responsibility in that, we also recognize that He has been “directing our steps”, paving avenues we didn’t know we needed as well as answering so many of our prayers. Praise the God Who sees and hears the cries of the broken-hearted!


  • Pray! Request to be added to our monthly prayer list or join us for prayer Thursday mornings at 9:00am at New Life Christian Fellowship. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer—we cannot overemphasize how desperately we covet prayer warriors who will boldly approach the Lord on our behalf and on behalf of the sexually broken in this region and in this nation.
  • Meet with us to become equipped to make a difference in the realm of sexual abuse and/or trafficking in your specific sphere of influence with your specific talents and passions.
  • Follow us on Facebook and share our posts. The best way to bring freedom to survivors is by changing the culture that cultivates their exploitation. The more we share about it, the more mindsets we change.
  • Donate at warinternational.org/donate , designating TriHOPe. We are looking for monthly sponsors to help TriHOPe become sustainable.

Thank You

For your support and involvement with TriHOPe. Bringing hope, healing, and freedom to broken souls is not something one person or one ministry can do alone. It takes everyone contributing their piece of the puzzle to make a difference. So thank you for your willingness to take part.

With gratitude and joy,
The TriHOPe team

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