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Since Trihope began in 2015 we have touched the lives of 40 survivors of sexual trauma. 40 survivors, some of whom, by attending a Survivors Night, admitted to themselves and others for the first time that something traumatic happened to them. Some of whom made the decision to meet with us privately to determine what the next step should be in their healing journey. Some of whom decided to take a giant leap forward by attending our “In the Wildflowers” Support Group. 40 survivors whose lives have changed because a handful of people decided to give love.

As we on the board and staff prayed about what God would have us do in 2018, we felt God calling us to strengthen our foundation. If you look at our three pillars, Trihope exists for prayer, survivor support, and community enablement.

God is calling us to strengthen our foundation.

If you think of Trihope as a building, Prayer is the foundation. It goes deep into our core and gives us strength, stability, and direction. Without Prayer, the building of Trihope wouldn’t exist, the building itself being Survivor Support. What sets us apart from other good, solid organizations, is the belief that God can and does transform lives the Enemy meant to destroy and turns them into shining examples of healing and power to the praise of His glorious grace. The third pillar, Community is our base. By educating the community and training others to support survivors, we are able to reach far and wide, allowing us to get the word out about what we do, who we are, and what resources are available to survivors in the Tri-Cities.

As we were first getting started we poured much of our attention into Prayer and Community as a matter of necessity. We couldn’t reach survivors without letting them know we existed. However, this year God is asking us to go deeper in Prayer in order to build tall our offerings in Survivor Support. These two pillars are our focus for all of 2018.

We need you to make our foundation strong.

The thing is, the building of Trihope cannot grow taller or wider without first strengthening our foundation both in Prayer and in Financial support. We are at full capacity with our current staff hours. The only way we see ourselves moving forward into the calling of God is by adding another staff member to help free up time for additional programs and resources.

Our monthly donors are the rebar in the foundation that gives the whole thing stability.

Large, one-time gifts are wonderful, but we can’t budget on them. We can’t plan for the future with them. They are helpful and we are so grateful for them, but they don’t strengthen our foundation. Small monthly gifts enable us to plan and prepare for the future.

God can multiply the smallest of gifts.

We are asking you to join with us first in prayer, and then in giving. For the next 7 days, we are asking you to pray, and even fast and pray if God should lead you to do so, for God to strengthen our foundation. We are even providing you with a beautiful download for you to print as a reminder to pray each day. Together we will link arms to pray for 10 people to give $40 a month through Trihope and for 40 people to give $10 a month through Trihope in honor of the 40 survivors we’ve been blessed to serve thus far.

We say through because we’re not asking you to give to Trihope. We’re asking you to give THROUGH Trihope to make a difference in the lives of survivors. We believe by praying for 7 days and then giving for 7 days that God will take our offerings, our 5 loaves and 2 fishes if you will, and multiply them in the form of many more survivors finding hope, healing and freedom through Trihope in 2018.

Are you ready to rebar?

  1. First things first, click here to download the Give Love prayer reminder and post it in a place so you will see it every day and remember to pray, like the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator. As you pray, ask God what He would like you to do personally to strengthen the foundation of Trihope.
  2. Then, share this blog post, or any of the other posts you may see on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to spread the word and use the hashtags #givelove and #hopehealingfreedom.
  3. Lastly, as the Lord leads you, give through Trihope to survivors in the Tri-Cities area. Already a donor? Consider expanding your monthly giving by $10 or $40 this year.

We understand for some $40 or even $10 in new or increased giving is simply impossible. You are maxed out and as much as you would love to give, you just can’t. Or can you? You can give by using your social media influence to fundraise on behalf of Trihope. You can do this through the Trihope donate page, or by setting up your own fundraiser on Facebook under our full name Tri-Cities House of Prayer and Hope. Feel free to use the graphics in this post to share the word about what you are doing and be sure to tag Trihope so we can share your posts as well.

Give Love Prayer // TrihopeMichigan.comThank you for being part of our foundation!

We are believing God for miraculous, life-changing things this year and we are so excited to have you take part.

(Click on the image to print your prayer download)


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