We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. The Tri-Cities community offers many services and resources to survivors. Our goal is to bridge connections between service providers and other service providers, service providers and survivors, information and target populations, and community members with appropriate volunteer opportunities.

Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking Awareness and Education Events

Trihope seeks to engage the Tri-Cities community with education and awareness events such as Shattering the Silence – a presentation for parents and those who work with children to learn about the signs of sexual abuse and sex trafficking and what they can do to protect those around them.

We believe education is the first step to community and culture change. While sexual abuse and sex trafficking are often talked about today, there is still a long way to go in educating those who can make a difference in the lives of at-risk individuals.

Christian Anti-Sex Trafficking (CAST) Committee

“The Christian Anti-Sex Trafficking (CAST) Committee exists to mobilize individuals and organizations in the Christian community to curb the existence of sex trafficking through addressing supply and demand factors.”

The CAST Committee meets once a quarter to give updates on what’s been going on in our community, educate and pray. All are welcome. Visit our Events page to take note of the next meeting date, or contact us for further information.

Community Needs Assessment 

Trihope does not want to reinvent the wheel, or do what is already being done. We believe working together is the key to stronger community. Therefore, we seek to find out as much as we can about what is going on already in the Tri-Cities. We do this by interviewing local service providers and police on their experience and exposure to survivors of sexual exploitation and what current programs they have to help survivors. This helps us refer survivors to appropriate programs and resources they need.

Our initial research asked service providers to rank potential uses of funding in order of most needed to least needed to address the issue of sex trafficking. The results indicated the top needs to be:

  • Education on definitions of abuse/trafficking in the community
  • Bringing awareness of available services and options for survivors

While we continue surveying providers and police, these preliminary results show us we should continue focusing efforts on community awareness.

Individual Community Member Mobilization

There are a number of people with a heart to help victims of sexual exploitation, but with no idea where to begin. We can help!

We meet with interested individuals to learn about their talents and passions and help them to get involved in the fight for freedom in their specific spheres of influence.

If you are interested in becoming an everyday abolitionist, contact us! We’d love to chat with you.

Want to volunteer with Trihope? Visit our Volunteer page to learn how.

Mid-Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force

Trihope is an active member of the local human trafficking task force, fighting against trafficking in the mid-Michigan area. The mission of the Mid-Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force is as follows:

“Our Mission is to support, facilitate, and encourage a collaborative effort among local community professionals to work together to provide education, awareness, and services in order to discover, prevent, and respond effectively to human trafficking.”

We partner with other organizations and individuals in the task force to provide awareness, services and education in the community on human trafficking.

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